Patricia Mielnik.


About Me

I am a second year university student who has a strong passion for music, photography, and most importantly coding! I've been playing musical instruments since I was 4 years old, and one of my favourite hobbies is travelling with my camera in hand. Most often though, I love getting lost in code for hours, during which I play around with design or try to solve various algorithmic problems. I am an endlessly curious individual who loves learning and can be often found reading about nerdy topics such as theoretical physics or machine learning: you're never too cool to learn more about how our world works!

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Bachelor of Computer Science

University of Waterloo | May 2022

Bachelor of Business Administration

Wilfrid Laurier University | May 2022


Here are some of the things I've worked on recently

Used Spring Boot to build a RESTful web service. This service worked with the Eventrbrite API to GET event data, which was then delivered to the front end of the Ascend page.

I applied knowledge of hashing algorithms in Java to efficiently store and retrieve employee data. On the front end, I Co-designed a user-friendly interface with the Netbeans IDE.

Developed Android applications in collaboration with other students using the Android Studio IDE. Among these applications, I designed and developed a calculator application, and co-developed a contacts application that can be found on Google Play, with 5,000+ installs.

Delivered an introductory presentation on artificial intelligence and machine learning to a group of 16 high school students. This presentation introduced the students to types of machine learning problems, and provided a real world example of ML in action with an overview of the features and vulnerabilities of facial recognition technology.

Work Experience

Some of the places that have helped me learn a lot of the skills I possess now


Royal Bank of Canada

May - August 2018


RBC Summer Hack

Second place out of 25 teams

New Venture Case Competition

Top 20% out of over 250 teams